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1000 liters Milk Juice Pasteurizer

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1000 liters Milk Pasteurizer tank is widely used in milk processing plant, yogurt production plant and ice cream production plant. 

1000 liters Milk Juice Pasteurizer can be used as a cleaning tank, mixing tank, temporary storage tank, ingredient tank, etc. The pasteurization tank belongs to a type of stainless steel container equipment. With the advantages of energy conservation, noise reduction, corrosion resistance, strong production capacity, and convenient cleaning,1000 liters Milk Juice Pasteurizers are widely used in the dairy industry, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage and other industrial sectors. As necessary equipment for heating, cooling, insulation, sterilization treatment, or storage of slurry, 1000 liters Milk Juice Pasteurizers are particularly suitable for pasteurization and insulation of milk and are essential equipment in ice cream production lines.

1000 liters Milk Juice Pasteurizer

1000 liters milk Pasteurizer Technical Specifications

Dimensions : L*W*H 1600×1600×2250mm

Effective capacity(L):1000L

Voltage:  380v

Material:304 stainless steel  

Plate thickness: 3mm 

Stirring speed : 36 r/min

Operating temperature: <100℃

Tank diameter : 1000 mm

Tank height : 650 mm

Stirring motor power : 0.75 kw

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