Ying hai


2000 Liters Homogenizer 

Commercial industrial efficient fully automatic milk homogenizer

Automatic milk homogenizer Model:YHH-2000L -2/25

Milk homogenizer Capacity:2000L/H

Max pressure:25Mpa

Working pressure:0-20Mpa


Pump body material:1Cr18Ni9Ti

Lubrication method:Splash lubrication

Gear type:Hardened helical gear (fine running-in)

Crankshaft material:45#steel, Hardened surface

Plunger material:2Cr13

Plunger diameter and frequency:Diameter ¢20  -  about 210times/min

Plunger sealing material:V type Cloth clip

Check valve structure:Cone valve

Check valve material:Special steel treatment

Homogeneous rod and seat material:Special cemented carbide

Pressure gauge:Domestic shock-resistant pressure gauge

Shell and other configurations:The part in contact with the material and the shell meet the food and drug safety and health standards



2000 Liters Homogenizer 

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