500 liters Milk Cooler

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500 liters Milk Cooler Technical Specifications:

Product:Cooling Tank   Dimensions :L*W*H 1900×1400×1100mm

Effective capacity: 500L(L) Equipped power: 2.6KW(KW)

Refrigerant:R22               Cooling method:Air-cooled, direct cooling

Material:304 stainless steel Liner thickness: δ2mm

Outer thickness: δ2mm Milk outlet diameter:∮38mm

Power:380V,3 phase Insulation material: Polyurethaneδ65mm

Machine form:Vertical, conjoined installation Thermal insulation performance:Overall foaming, thermal insulation performance≤2℃/24h

Refrigeration speed class: II (inject 50% of the rated capacity of milk, cooling from 35 ℃ to 4 ℃ <3 hours)

Operating temperature:Working temperature 35℃, safe operating temperature 38℃

Compressors:Copeland America

Evaporator:Spot Welding Technology

Condenser:Suction condenser

Tank head:Disposable mechanism head, the arc radius R is 30 mm

Operating system: Microcomputer controller, fully automatic control of the operation of the entire system.

Cleaning method:1 rotating CIP cleaning ball, which can be cleaned semi-automatically or manually, saving time and effort, and no dead ends for cleaning.

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